Cooper Black Font

Cooper Black lettering.

For Shops, Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants also popular with schools and childrens nurseries. This font has also been used for putting on the inside of schools for writing positive statements on walls.

4″ high,  5″ high,   6″ high, 7″ high,  8″ high, 9″ high, 10″ high,  12″ high,  15″ high, 18″ high.

Available in 22 colours+ gold and silver. Made from 3mm thick cast acrylic. Please note 4″ letters are available in capitals only.

Moulded Letter K in a Cooper Black font. red acrylic. 300mm high.

Cooper Black is a popular and distinctive typeface that was designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper in 1921. It is a sans-serif display font with rounded edges and a bold, heavy weight. Cooper Black is known for its boldness and readability, which makes it an excellent choice for headlines, titles, and other large pieces of text.

One of the most distinctive features of Cooper Black is its large, curvy serifs, which give the letters a playful and friendly look. The font’s letterforms are also quite wide, which makes it easy to read even at a small size.

Cooper Black has been used in a wide range of contexts over the years, including advertising, packaging, and branding. It has also been popular in the world of graphic design, and has been used in many iconic logos and designs.

Overall, Cooper Black is a classic and recognizable typeface that has stood the test of time. Its unique style and boldness make it a popular choice for designers and creatives who want to make a bold statement with their text.