Letter Y

moulded letter Y
gold moulded letter Y

Gold acrylic moulded letters in a Times Bold Bevel Face.

Times Bold is a typeface or font that belongs to the Times font family. It is a popular and widely used font that was designed for newspaper and print applications. The Times font family itself is based on the work of Stanley Morison and Victor Lardent, commissioned by the British newspaper “The Times” in 1931.

Times Bold, as the name suggests, is a bold variant of the original Times font. It is characterized by its thicker and more prominent strokes, which make it stand out and attract attention. The bold version is commonly used for headings, titles, emphasis, and other elements that require a strong visual impact.

Times Bold is known for its legibility and readability, especially in small sizes and when printed on newsprint. Its design features a combination of contrasting thick and thin strokes, which helps maintain clarity and readability even in challenging printing conditions.

Due to its versatility and classic appearance, Times Bold has been widely adopted in various print and digital applications. It is commonly used in newspapers, magazines, books, advertisements, and other printed materials. Additionally, it has found extensive use in digital media, including websites, presentations, and e-books.

Over the years, variations and adaptations of the Times font family have been created, including Times New Roman, which is a well-known variant. Times New Roman is a popular default font for many word processing software applications and has become one of the most recognized and widely used fonts worldwide.

In summary, Times Bold is a bold variant of the Times font family that offers a strong and attention-grabbing visual presence. Its legibility and classic design have made it a popular choice for various print and digital applications.