Moulded Letters Price List

Dimensional Sign Letters.

Ideal for Pubs and Restaurants, Hotels and Shop Signs.

Times Bold Bevel Face. Our most popular font ever.

4″ high £10.10,            5″ high £14.10,          6″ high £16.25,
7″ high £20.50,          8″ high £24.25, 9″ high £28.30,
10″ high £38.50, 12″ high £42.50,        15″ high £56.50,
18″ high £70.75.

Prices include stud and cup locators and templates. Minimum order £80. Delivery £20 per Consignment.
Available in 20 colours and 30 styles. made from 3mm thick cast acrylic. available in standard acrylic colours + gold and silver.
Please note: 4″ letters are available in capitals only.
Bevel face letters are available in capitals only. Bevel face letters are available from 6″ upwards.

Times Bold Bevel Face 3D letters made from cast acrylic moulded into shape by vacuum forming technology.

Gold moulded letters are supplied with standoff stud and cap fixings glued on the back. Supplied with paper template to indicate the layout and the location of the fixings.

various sizes are available from 6″ up to 18″.

Times Bold Bevel Face letters are used for pub name signs, business name signs and property name signs as well as for Hotel signs and restaurant signs.

Acrylic moulded letters are three-dimensional letters that are made from a solid piece of acrylic material. These letters are commonly used in signage and branding to create a sleek and professional look.

The Times Bold Bevel Face font is a popular font choice for these types of letters. It is a bold and elegant font with beveled edges that give the letters a sense of depth and dimensionality. This font is often used in high-end branding and signage applications.

To create gold acrylic molded letters in the Times Bold Bevel Face font, the letters are first designed using computer software and then cut out of a sheet of gold-colored acrylic material using a CNC machine. The letters are then heated and molded to create the three-dimensional shape.

Once the letters are molded, they can be mounted onto a variety of surfaces, including walls, buildings, and signs. The result is a high-quality, durable, and visually striking piece of branding or signage that can be used in a variety of settings.